The collection exists out of gold and silver designs crafted by Pit Bomans. The jewelry is a combination of hand made, casted, found and constructed pieces. Inspiration is drawn from her simply surroundings such as beautiful views, animals and nature in general. On the other hand there is this big passion for design, art, photography and everything looking fabulously flamboyant. Match them together and there you have it.

" I have always loved creating and visualising ideas from scratch. After my studies Concept & Brands at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute I moved to New York City. Here I started my first jewelry course at Liloveve Art School. I was sold. I decided to start my own little lable. It was the ultimate feeling of freedom to me. From drawing designs, working with your hands to building the brand and visualising the campaigns. I love it all. There is just no better feeling than crafting your own creative ideas. That also some other people seem to like what I am doing is the cherry on the cake for me."